Welcome Traveller

I have wanted to cosplay for quite some time, but wanted to cosplay with friends. But it was never easy to organize as a group due to life, and jobs etc. After talking with members of the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion at a local convention, I decided that this is what I wanted to do.

I have always loved the Star Wars movies, and for the longest time wanted a lightsaber of my own. This criteria narrowed down my options. But who did I want to cosplay as….. an existing character, or one of my own design. So I went to the Rebel Legion website, and read up on all the characters out there to see who I felt was the most interesting. Barriss Offee. I found her to be very interesting, unique, and mysterious too.

So, the next best option, make new friends that already are doing what you would like to do, and what better way, than to do it, while helping raise money for charity.

If you think Star Wars Cosplay would also interest you, then I highly recommend you follow your heart, and see where it takes you. Reach for the stars, you have so many options out there.